Fuel Delivery Services in Brooklyn NY

Caucig Fuel is here to fulfill all your fueling delivery needs throughout Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Manhattan, and surrounding boroughs. We heat homes and business with guaranteed #2 Fuel Oil and Bioheat® Fuel, a safe and reliable blend of renewable biodiesel and pure ultra-low sulfur heating fuel. Bioheat® Fuel is extremely efficient and safe, with its’ blend of renewable energy that is non-explosive and has less risk of carbon monoxide exposure.  In addition, Bioheat® Fuel keeps the fuel pressure in your heating equipment steady and consistent, so your home stays warm and comfortable even in frigid New York winters.

Bioheat Fuel Delivery Services

Guaranteed Fuel Supply & Delivery

Avoid harsh weather conditions when you have your fuel delivered directly to your location in Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, or Manhattan. With our personalized customer service capabilities and experience, you can easily choose fuel delivery with or without oil burner services.  

We do not use third-party oil-transportation for fuel delivery services, so we are able to provide this guarantee of quality and reliability through our family-owned fleet of oil delivery trucks. All equipped and sealed with the most technologically advanced oil meters, confirming the amount of gallons delivered, date and time of delivery, price per gallon, and the invoice to ensure satisfaction and service completed. Our GPS tracking system allows us the ability to let our customers know exactly where our trucks are located in pursuit of delivering to the property.

Bioheat® Fuel Delivery

Bioheat Fuel adds even more eco-friendly components to its alternative counterparts of traditional heating fuel and natural gas. Bioheat Fuel can be used in existing home heating fuel systems.

Bioheat Fuel, The Evolution of Oilheat
Caucig Fuel FuelDelivery in NY

Choose Only the Services You Need

Caucig Fuel – Heating & Cooling Co. gives you, the consumer, the freedom to choose only the services that you need for fuel oil deliveries. No contract required, and all fuel deliveries are guaranteed 100%.

  • Guaranteed #2 Fuel Oil and Bioheat® Fuel deliveries, with or without our oil burner/boiler service
  • Professional oil burner/boiler service by hourly rate (no parts included) with or without our fuel delivery
  • Optional yearly service & parts service contract, including tune-up 
  • Optional yearly service call contract (no parts or tune-up included)

Contact us today for Heating and Cooling Services in NY

We offer fuel delivery, oil burner services, heating and air conditioning services, indoor air quality services, emergency service, valuable maintenance agreements, and more.

If you’re looking for a reliable HVAC company in Brooklyn, NY, Caucig Fuel – Heating & Cooling Co, got you covered.

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