We Provide Safe & Efficient Fuel Deliveries in NY

(available with or without our oil burner service)

Trusted by consumers for almost 80 years, Caucig delivers pure Bioheat® fuel and #2 fuel oil for both residential and commercial properties.  With our one-stop shop convenient fuel delivery services, our goal is to ensure that you always have uninterrupted heat and an adequate reserve of fuel in your tank. We schedule fuel deliveries when the tank level is between 1/2 and 1/4 full.

With our personalized customer service you can easily choose between our automatic fuel delivery/refill or have us ask or notify you before a delivery is made.  Fuel deliveries are individualized for every customer, and is based on a combination of individual usage factors and outside weather and temperature conditions. All delivery trucks use computerized electronic meters with GPS tracking, so we know where the trucks are at all times, and when they are making your fuel delivery. Our system is so reliable and dependable that we can say with confidence, that Caucig is your fuel pipeline on wheels!

All Fuel Deliveries are Guaranteed 100%.

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Caucig Fuel - Heating & Cooling Co. | BioHeat Fuel Delivery
Caucig Fuel Oil Burner Services in NY

Maximize the Efficiency in Your Home with Our Oil Burner Services in NY

(available with or without our fuel oil delivery)

Oil Burner service specializes in the annual tune-ups, and the maintenance and repairs that are needed to ensure that the best possible performance of your oil heating system is achieved from season to season, all year long. Our oil heat technicians have the special training and experience to properly service both residential and commercial oil-fired boilers furnaces and water heaters. They have the required skills to keep the units running reliably and efficiently.

All Oil Burner Services are Guaranteed 100%.

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Avoid Winter & Summer Breakdowns with our HVAC Services in NY

Keeping your HVAC system in great condition is number one when it comes to the  prevention of breakdowns, minimizing utility costs, and improving the comfort in your home or for your business. Through J & S Heating & Cooling Contracting LLC, we provide all the services and solutions you need to keep your HVAC equipment efficient and reliable all year round, no matter what the weather conditions. 

All HVAC Services are Guaranteed 100%.

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Caucig Fuel - Heating & Cooling Co. | HVAC Services

Contact us today for Heating and Cooling Services in NY

We offer fuel delivery, oil burner services, heating and air conditioning services, indoor air quality services, emergency service, valuable maintenance agreements, and more.

If you’re looking for a reliable HVAC company in Brooklyn, NY, Caucig Fuel – Heating & Cooling Co, got you covered.

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